About Dr. Nicole Moshfegh

Dr. Nicole Moshfegh

Nicole Moshfegh, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in California (PSY 27405), who specializes in diagnostic assessment and psychotherapy. Dr. Moshfegh, or “Dr. M” as her clients like to call her, has extensive experience evaluating and treating various mental health difficulties, such as mood, sleep, psychotic spectrum, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, trauma-related, disruptive, and neurodevelopmental disorders in both adult and pediatric populations. Her expertise in the consideration of cross-cultural issues in the development of psychopathology proves invaluable to the assessment and treatment of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Dr. Moshfegh completed an APA accredited predoctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. She completed additional training at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Pepperdine Community Counseling Clinics.

Dr. Moshfegh earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) from Pepperdine University, a program accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). She additionally holds a Master of Arts in Psychology from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior with honors from the University of California, Irvine.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Moshfegh is the lead attending psychologist with the Behavioral Wellness Center at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where she provides education, therapy, and assessment to medical students and physicians, conducts research on physician well-being, and provides lectures and training to psychology doctoral students. She is additionally an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology at Pepperdine University. She previously served as an attending clinician and clinical instructor in the department of psychiatry at UCLA, where she provided training and supervision to psychology and psychiatry doctoral trainees in the assessment and treatment of severe mental illness.

Dr. Moshfegh has published and presented at conferences and workshops in the areas of multicultural competence, well-being, resilience, and major mental illness. She has led research on the development of culturally competent wellness assessments and the treatment efficacy of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Most recently, Dr. Moshfegh has authored her first book detailing evidence-based treatments for insomnia disorder, now available for pre-order on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Psychological Association

  • National Register of Health Service Psychologists 

  • Los Angeles County Psychological Association

  • Collaborative Family Healthcare Association